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Best Trucks - Top Rated Truck Models - MotorTrendThe BYD Truck Story BYD is the undisputed leader in commercial electric truck deployments. BYD designs, manufactures and supports a full line of zero-emission electric trucks for a wide range of applications.Truck - BYD USAtruck 1 (trŭk) n. 1. Any of various heavy motor vehicles designed for carrying or pulling loads. 2. A hand truck. 3. a. A wheeled platform, sometimes equipped with a motor, for conveying loads in a warehouse or freight yard. b. A set of bookshelves mounted …Truck - definition of truck by The Free DictionaryAug 27, 2019 · Semi-truck refers to the actual truck or tractor, which contains the engine. Semi-trucks can run on their own without hauling a semi-trailer. 18-wheeler refers to the combination of a semi-truck and semi-trailer. When connected they form a tractor-trailer unit, also referred to as an 18-wheeler. Which is based on the total number of wheels for